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Eco-friendly Waterproof Outdoor Lightning

Energy-Saving and Environmental-Friendly Outdoor Lightning

Automatic solar charging. Intelligent human body sensing. No wiring, easy installation. IPX5 waterproof, not afraid of thunder or rain.

Equipped with high conversion solar panels, install the lamp easily in a sunny place such as courtyard, doorway or balcony, and customized the PIR sensor lens with the sensing distance up to 8 meters and 120° sensing angle, for the induction turn on/off when people come and go.


Size: 111*100*89 mm
Working voltage of solar panel: 5.5V
Light source: LED
Power: 1.3W
Induction distance: 0-8 meters
Induction angle: 120°
Lumen: 120lm
Lighting time: 30 seconds ± 3 seconds
Usage: Solar charging during the day and human body brightness at night
Features: IPX5 waterproof