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Eco-Friendly Pet Hair Remover

Remove dust and pet hair from clothes, furniture, or the car seat with this environmental Lint Roller. Once it's ready to be cleaned, gently press to remove the hair without hand cleaning.

This electrostatic roller can rotate the body, quite convenient to storage, reusable, and handy to save trouble quickly.


  • Self-Cleaning! Buy once and use forever
  • Rotary design traps lint, fur or hair in a secret compartment
  • Elegant and compact design means you can use it anytime and carry it anywhere
  • Removes stubborn pet hair and lint
  • Eco-friendly with no batteries required
  • Made of high-quality ABS material to last a long time


  • Large surface area for quicker cleaning
  • Great for upholstered furniture, clothing, carpets, linens, pillows, etc.
  • Make your room and clothes clean, tidy and neat

Simply rotate to clean and slide-out compartment to empty the hair/lint!

Say goodbye to hours of cleaning with expensive products, this little gem will keep you and your house clean and hair-free. A perfect gift for pet owners!