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Gravity Premium MagneticLight™ (New Edition)

Not available in stores.

This Beautiful Lamp is a minimalist light fixture that adds a magical ambiance to any space.

When you lift the lower ball attached to a cord, it attracts to the top one (thanks to the embedded magnets inside) creating a connection that switches on the lamp’s LED light. Separating the balls shuts off the light.

The attractive curved design creates the illusion of light passing through the wooden structure.

The Gravity MagneticLight™ is the most innovative lamp the world has ever seen. Its unique concept and its intriguing design have astonished everyone.

Place it in your living room, your bedroom or even your office, and it will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Whether you get it as a Christmas present or for personal use, the Gravity MagneticLight™ is a must for your beautiful home.

The Gravity MagneticLight™ has a very warm light that will make the room feel peaceful and comfortable.

Controlled by two magnetic balls, the Gravity MagneticLight™ will switch on when putting the two magnets together.

Most lights use the same two systems: turning a switch or pushing a button.

Gravity MagneticLight™ does not rely on any of these mechanisms, the construction of the lamp is simple.

It consists of a wooden frame, lights and two magnetic wooden balls, each attached to a string. Lift up the bottom ball near the top ball to turn on the Gravity MagneticLight™.

Material: Body: Wood; Light Source: LED Bulbs 
Size: 36cm x 24cm 
Features: USB 5V Power Mode
Package Content: 1 x Lamp & 1 x USB cable